Sofonesia Picture Cropper

Sofonesia Picture Cropper

Picture cropper is the software that can crop any part of a picture
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Picture cropper is a handy piece of software that can quickly crop any part of a picture.
The cropped part can be saved in many image formats, such as jpg, bmp or png.

Cropping a picture can help in many ways, e.g. from a picture, the face can be cropped and put as profile picture in orkut or hi5.

Using this software any unwanted part can be clipped off from a picture.

Moreover, it supports multiple selections as well. This means that many different portions of a picture can be cropped and saved as different files.

Main features:

- Crop your face and put as profile picture in various websites.
- Crop unwanted portions from a picture and retain the good one.
- Save multiple selections at a time in different files.
- Save files in various picture formats like jpg, png and bmp.


- dot net framework 2.5 or later is required in order to run the software. You can download the dot net
framework from the Microsoft website.

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